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yvonne behrens

Yvonne Behrens

As an aging boomer, I am wishing to proactively confront my aging process.  Of course, there is no way of predicting how any of us will age, but I do believe that dealing with it at an earlier stage in life will allow [me] to be better prepared down the road.

Through this webpage, I plan to concentrate on the questions that surround boomer’s aging.  We will focus on how the politics of aging, health and aging, and, society’s focus on youth and mobility will affect us as we move into our “twilight” years.  Discussions and articles will explore how the Age Wave of older Americans will impact society as more and more baby boomers move into the 65+ category.   The last big topic that will be covered will be the question of living environments, including the  national examination of the concept of liveable communities.


Starting in 1995, I became a member of the 40+ million strong caregivers’s club here in the United States.  This role, which interrupted a second career,  continued for the following 17 years,  as various members of my family became dependent by virtue of old age catching up with them and one or another dis-ease befalling them.   This also, in the most direct way, introduced me to the healthcare system we have in place and what has been made available for aging individuals in our society as they become more and more dependent on others for their care.

In 2006, I entered a third career (having never been able to go back to my second career), one that better reflected the world I was navigating as a caregiver.  I became a representative for the Brain Fitness Program, a computer software program created by Neuro-Scientists to re-stimulate the aging brain.  Since then, I have worked as a consultant helping individuals to understand the aging process and giving them tools to work with aging parents, their spouses, and, even, themselves.

I sit on the following committees:

  • Consortium on Aging, Lynchburg, VA
  • Chair, Committee on Public Awareness, Beard Center on Aging, Lynchburg College.  We put on an Age Wave Summit in 2009 on how communities and boomers can prepare for boomers aging
  • Beard Center on Aging Conference Committee
  • Senior Citizen Coordinating Council, Chair for the marketing committee, Council of Community Services, Roanoke, Virginia
  • Employed Caregivers Committee, Council of Community Services, Roanoke, Virginia
  • Representative of the Senior Citizen Coordinating Council at the Roanoke Regional Housing Network
  • Member, American Society on Aging
  • Member, Southern Gerontological Society


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