As an aging boomer, I wanted to create a blog/webpage that would be a resource where other aging boomers and/or older/younger would have the opportunity to explore the aging process, not as something “depressing and to be avoided” but rather as the inevitable which we can and should confront proactively.   How do the politics of today affect us now and down the line?  What are we supposed to do when our society focuses all its attention on youth and mobility and we are losing momentum?  What happens to our self-esteem as we “get left behind?” or have to start depending on somebody else for our care?  Are retirement communities the only option or can we age in place?  What are livable communities?  What our the pros and cons of our healthcare system?  How is it preparing for the “tsunami” of 65+?   Will we be able to fit into this rapidly changing world and how?

My hope is that this website becomes a resource for information, opinions, personal experiences, philosophical positions, spiritual explorations, delving into policy and medical topics and on how all these areas interact with and affect the aging population.  In turn, through this, I would hope that we could create a platform that will allow us a voice.

In short, my wish is that many readers will join me in creating a hymn to aging with grace and dignity and vigor. With warm regards to all who may reverberate with these words, I look forward to many dialogues and discoveries in this, the next and potentially last stage of life. May we create it to be everything other than that which has made any of us shudder at the thought of getting “old.”  –Yvonne Behrens


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