Can Anti-Psychotic Abuses Be Stopped?

Just as I think I have presented a fairly comprehensive picture about the abuses of anti-psychotic prescriptions and the elderly,  I come across another horror story. This time, the story appeared in the AARP Bulletin.

Apparently, in Florida, that golden state for retirees, a psychiatrist, Huberto Merayo,

“prescribed powerful drugs to thousands of patients at his Coral Gables, FLa., practice. In 2009 alone, he doled out more than 7,500 prescriptions to some 1,600 patients.  And that cost taxpayers big-time.  That year, Medicaid paid more than $1.9 million to fill scripts for antipsychotics written by Merayo.”

To add insult to injury, Merayo was earning $100,000 in consulting and speaking fees from the pharmaceuticals that manufactured these drugs.

Unfortunately, this story is not an isolated incident.  Lawmakers are apparently considering writing legislation that would address the misuse in administrations of these anti-psychotic drugs to the elderly.

Our elderly are frail and need protection.  The weakness inherent in creating laws by which to do this, of course, is the ability to manipulate the laws and/or the all too prevalent tendencies on the part of our lawmakers to be bought.

No.  The only way to protect the frail is to have a community, a village, if you will, or an extended family in which many people take responsibility for the care and protection of their nanas and grandpas.  Add to this picture doctors, general practitioners or geriatric, who know their patients and know what ailments may arise as one ages and, we might nip most of the abuses in prescribing anti-psychotic drugs that are prevalent today.  Oh, but then I guess I am talking about a society in which humans and not profits are the focus.  Hm.

[Next week: Why the dearth of geriatric practioners?]



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