Anthem BCBS: Finale

And in the final iteration of this long tale of woe regarding a peon “David” facing down the “Goliath” insurance company,…..

I received a package in the mail last week.  The contract was the one I had chosen and it was provided to me at level 1!  I think that means I won!  I don’t want to gloat too much since “they” are still much larger than I am and since this may just appear that I have won, although I did go through the policy carefully and it did seem to provide the insurance I thought I had chosen.

I also received my first bill which was more than the premium I was told I would be charged.  I called to find out and was told that they had started my coverage back in July, so the charge reflected six weeks of coverage.  I told them that I had only just received the package.  How could I be charged for six weeks?  The very helpful person on the other end suggested  that all I had to do was send a fax informing the [entity] at the telephone number provided when I would wish the coverage to start and the date would be changed.  Wow.  Okay.  So as of August 15, I am once again covered by insurance.  Phew!

By the way, I also want to thank President Obama for pushing the health care initiative through.  I do not know whether I would have had the same outcome if this were not part of our present landscape.